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Chiropractic Treatment Offered in Health Point of Indiana in Merrillville, IN

While our specialty is Auto Injuries, Health Point of Indiana's doctors provide treatment for all injuries that need Physical Therapy and Chiropractic assistance. Whether you are suffering from Work-Related Injuries, Sports Injuries, or just need some adjusting, our doctors will find the perfect treatment for you.
Work-Related Injuries

Visiting Health Point of Indiana for your work related injuries provides you with options. We will treat your injury as best as we can, however, if we are not able to assist you, we are able to provide the proper referrals to get you the right treatment. We do accept Workers Comp Claims.
"Age-Related" Injuries

We all have those days as you get older, where something is tweaked in our back, or our knees are not working quite as well, or that crick in your neck does not seem to go away. These pains could be something more serious if not detected and treated properly. We offer many treatment options to correct or help alleviate your pain.
Our Treatment Options

Extraction Bed
Hydro therapy Massage
Electro therapy